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Statement of Jerry Ensminger May 08, 2016

In response to Marine Corps Times:The long, lonely battle to vindicate two dishonored military pioneers 5/7/2016

"While I respect Representative Jones' efforts to clear the names of these 2 pilots in this cover up, I must admit that his comments regarding how he was treated by Marine Corps leadership left me scratching my head. I can sympathize with the response Mr. Jones received from the USMC leadership because it was the same response I met with when I approached them 19 years ago regarding the Camp Lejeune contaminated drinking water issue. However, it wasn't just the USMC who resisted my efforts for the truth, Congressman Jones also turned a blind eye to my efforts, he did the same thing to us that he was complaining about the USMC doing to him in this article. Congressman Jones was approached many times over the years for assistance in the water issue and the last time that I personally contacted his office I received the following email statement. "While Congressman Jones will not personally take any actions regarding the Camp Lejeune contaminated drinking water issue, he is willing to support other legislators initiatives." The Camp Lejeune drinking water issue is, and has been, the most documented coverup in Marine Corps history. Hundreds of thousands of Marines, Sailors, their families and thousands of civilian employees were exposed and yet Congressman Jones didn't want to get involved! Thank god for people like Senators Richard Burr, Kay Hagan, Thom Tillis, Bill Nelson, Congressmen John Dingell, Bart Stupak and Brad Miller or we would still be wondering around trying to seek justice! It is my opinion that Walter Jones doesn't deserve to hold his seat in the U. S. Congress."